About Me Now

by Tracey on March 26th, 2013

Here it is.Official because of the goofy picture of me.  It is my turn.

Am I through parenting? No, definitely not. However, I’m done raising little replicants for now. I sound like such a terrible mom and a horrible person, it’s so nice to have an empty nest. Having devoted every minute of every day to both children for the last 23 years, with one hundred percent of my love and compassion. I’d like to believe it counted for something in the karmic universe. Though I’m not finished by far, I am excited to have time for me and for change.

Now, it is my turn. I am doing things I have always wanted to do! Make a note here that I don’t mean scrap booking, beading, playing piano or making paper mache crafts. I won’t be making Hag pillows, (or pillows of any kind for that matter) quilts or paint by number. I won’t start going to ‘stitch and bitch’ meetings  or hot yoga either.  I’m doing things I’ve never had time to do. I am setting the bar as high as I can and taking on this new life with clear and determined goals; challenging myself daily with new ones.

Two of the goals I’ve set recently have brought my world into high gear.

I have written a book! (and as of October 2014, 3 books) That’s right, and I have visions for  sequels for them… I know right? Two trilogies! I’ve spent the last three months learning about the world of publishing and I’m taking my vision to agents this year…updates to come. Selling my work is going to be the hardest part, but I will try.

My second and most recent vision (you may have noticed by the newest blog entries) is Martial Arts training. OMG. I’m really excited about it, pretty soon I’ll be able to kick all your butts! Just as soon as the floor stops kicking mine. I am determined, I am sore all over, and I will not be defeated.

Bring it on world, here I come!