Best short story

by Tracey on June 30th, 2015

The rules are only this. It has to be 200 words – exactly.

There was a photo of two stone sarcofogi in a tree filled cemetary. The trees were dripping with Spanish Moss. The story had to be about the picture.

In Time

The cold concrete slabs were slid into place. Certain finality hit home for Orhianna. She leaned on her brother Liam for support. The lids to their parents’ sarcophagi were closed.
“In the midst of life, we be in death.” A priestess spoke to the huddled family.
Across from the two stone boxes, uncle Brennick stared at them. His amber eyes were wild. Liam thought, of anyone, his uncle would know how his parents were killed.
“Earth to earth, ashes to ashes…” The priestess continued reading, “And dust to dust.”
Brennick walked away from the mourners, ducking behind a cluster of Spanish moss.
How dare he, Liam thought. He let go of Orhianna. “Brennick, wait.” He jogged to close the distance. “You know how they were killed, don’t you?”
Taking one last glance at his approaching nephew, Brennick slipped behind a tree.
Liam caught up. He saw a flash of light. Nearby tree branches lit up. Then Brennick was gone.
Turning to face his sister, Liam felt confused.
Orhianna approached, “Take this passport to Sumac.” She handed him a silver card.
Sliding her passport through a handheld reader, she said, “Let’s find out who did this.” Then she vanished.

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