Tummy Trouble

by Tracey on June 21st, 2015

Having esophagus issues- in metaphysics- means life is hard for you to swallow. Hard to get down. At the same time, lungs fill with possibilities. Or they don’t. When there are too many possibilities, or not enough, it becomes difficult to breathe. These are just 2 of the physical symptoms my mom is suffering from these days.

In an attempt to come to terms with all the physical issues that are plaguing my mother, I see the metaphysical reasons for the illness. Good or bad, I see how her personality caused her physical disabilities. The list is too extensive to tell all here,  but includes auto-immune disease of the connective tissue, asthma and mico-bacterial infection of her lungs and hiatal hernia. She has issues swallowing, breathing and now moving. She’s been on prednisone  for going on 4 years.

You may not agree with me, but I believe that we are our own creators. I believe that for what ever reason, we prove ourselves right. Our thoughts manifest in our bodies.

I have been unable to digest it all and have caused myself some difficulty in the process. I’m working on taking it in: processing. I can handle this. Life changes. I will find a way to get everything done.

I tell myself, “Take it slow. Take it with a spoon of sugar…or a dose of enzymes.”

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