New Dawn

by Tracey on June 11th, 2015

Just when you have a plan…This Spring has been a whirlwind. Between conferences and recitals, I finished editing Elements with a professional editor. I’ve sent pitches to twenty agents. While waiting for those responses, I’ve been planting tomatoes (24), lettuce (12) and herbs. I planted cucumbers (4) and zucchini (4)  too. Flowerpots (Six 18″ and 3 small ones) and hostas (25). I’m taking up a new career as a two piano player with a friend and have begun practicing new piano pieces. I started to do re-writes to Sumac. And just when I thought things would settle down and give me time, my Mom got sick again.

In the past 2 weeks I’ve been back to Indy to help her get back on her feet. It will be a long road for her and I’m infinitely worried. Mike took me to Chicago for my birthday after that. A splash of fun after a week of helping out Mom. But I’ll save the details of that for another blog.

I haven’t written a single new thing since April.

My summer schedule starts next week…that only means that I start earlier 2 days a week, but I get done earlier too. I’m doing yoga 4x a week to clear my head and give some sanity back. We have plans to go to Concerts on the Square and American Players Theater.  We have plans to go to Culver with my family again in July…a lake trip at the old family cottage. And in August, I have the Police Academy for Writers.

Things aren’t slowing down.

On top of that, Mike has begun a project with friends, building four houses. He will be working hard, long hours. We have a deck to stain and trim to get hung. We have windows to paint and yard-work to do. And I doesn’t stop there. The garage needs to be gutted, I swear there are raccoons living in a back corner underneath all the piles of trash. And the wind has taken it’s anger out on the trees over our driveway.

I haven’t been to Bujinkan training since May. Before that, once in April. I guess something had to give. If I’ve given that up, you can’t believe what it took for me to get here today.

When I woke up, I planned on putting my fingers to the type pad, but kept thinking of all the other things that need doing. I had to drag myself away from email and work communications. My fingers are fighting it now. Words come like pulling healthy teeth. Without pain killers. With the pliers in my own hands.

Now my teeth hurt.

I’ll get there. Life gets thick with to-do lists sometimes. Then, like a refreshing morning dawn, all those things clear out of the way and make room for what I want to do. Life will settle down. I have to keep telling myself that for sanity’s sake. I have to have hope.

Maybe today is the day of new dawn.

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